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Listing for 5/27/2020
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At Boutique on 57 sample sale in New York City last week, Top Button tracked down Boutique 57 founder Kasia Bosne for a few questions.

Q Tell me about your company:

KASIA BOSNE  It was founded 6 years ago and we opened a private space last December targeted toward private special clientele. We developed a great relationship with TV and fashion wardrobe stylists and fashion experts. We provide a lot of wardrobe to TV and movie sets and most of the time to photography shoots. We have all of the major designers and we work with the most recognized luxury brands. Sometimes we do have current collection sample sales and we are able to offer them at a major discount.

Q: What kind of discount do you offer at the current collection sample sales?

A: 50 – 75% off

Q: How did the VIP sale go yesterday?

A: Great. We had some great turnout. We never really have a hectic crowd. We work more with private clientele so it’s a more relaxed and comfortable environment here. Most of the time at sample sales you end up buying what you don’t really need. So here you definitely end up buying something that you do need.

Q: What is the hot item?

A: It depends on the season. A lot of women come here specifically for the Chanel handbags. It’s wedding season so a lot of them are here for gowns.

Q: Do you sell wedding gowns or formal attire for wedding guests?

A: Guests.

Q: How many sample sales do you have per year?

A: I have sales once a month for the public. I also own a private boutique and hold private sales for VIP customers there by appointment only.

Q: Do you sell online?

A: Soon. We are launching our website in September. We’re very excited about it.

Q: Do you go to other designer sample sales?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Are you looking forward to any upcoming sample sales?

A: All of the major designer fashion houses usually host a sample sale and I noticed this year that several of them haven’t hosted any. It’s very surprising.

Q: Best purchase ever?

A: I always find amazing shoes at Valentino and it’s a shame that they aren’t hosting a sample sale this year..

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