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661 Q It's my first time in New York. Where can I find young fashions for women, but not designer labels. I am looking for affordable street fashion.

939 I need a white dress for graduation and I’d kill for a French shift with sleeves but I can’t find one anywhere. Help! Oh and I'm 5'11 and will be sitting so nothing too short!

350 Q What are some tips for slimming eveningwear? I don't have time to crash-diet before the gala.

660 Q I just landed my first management job. How can I change my wardrobe to reflect my promotion. I want my employees to see me as their manager not their pal for happy-hour.

659 Q Where can I find good petite clothing for my teen daughter? She's too tall for children's sizes and she wants to look fashionable.

658 Q I am a working girl with a great career, but I am very skinny. I am about 5' 4" and below 100 lbs, and I need to know where the skinny clothing stores are in NYC.

643 OK, I am a plus sized girl who LOVES fashion. I am coming to NYC in 3 weeks and would love to grab some fashionable clothes. Please don't make me go to Lane Bryant!!! Fill me in on some fashion–forward stores that carry my size!

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Reader response: H&M is definitely for you. The clothing has an expensive look but it will not hurt your pockets! — Janique

Reader response: There is a ton of shopping to do in New York. If you go to places like Filene's Basement and Century 21 you can usually find good deals on things. Also, H&M and Uniglo are good. — Catherine