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Light up your life

By Danielle Schlass Saliman
October 6, 2008 

I first discovered the amazing power of candles in high school when I started to smoke and didn’t want my parents knowing what I had been doing in my room. There was nothing like the influence of apple and spice to clear a room of tobacco—fast! Nearly 20 years later, the latter 10 of them smoke-free, we had a blackout in our suburban home, and again, the candles saved me. We had no light, couldn’t open the windows since it was pouring rain, and the house had that stale musty scent. I felt my way to the cabinets, found some candles, lit ‘em up and thankfully, we could see a little better and the house had a more appealing aroma wafting through. Truth be told, I’m not big on candles when it comes to day to day, with young kids in the house, the last thing I need is open flames. But the right candle, at the right time, whether it be to mask an odor or add some flare (no pun intended) to your décor, there’s nothing like a lovely hunk of wax! 

Teacher’s Pet:

It’s still the beginning of the school year and we love a good school theme so the RedEnvelope Chalkboard candle fits right in this time of year. The Belgian Berry  scent and the whimsy of being able to write your own little statement on the side of the ceramic holder with the blue, pink, or white chalk that’s include make lighting up a lot more fun.

Pure Beauty:

If you want your candle to exude beauty and scent, Red Flower has the ultimate in both. A flower fragrance that burns for up to 50 hours in an array of colors and comes with real flower petals on top to add to the mystique and aroma of these slim glass-encased candles. From Italian blood orange to Spanish gardenia—there’s a scent (and flower!) for everyone. And while we love every scent, October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, during this month, Red Flower will donate $1 from the sale of each Japanese Peony Petal Topped Candle to the R.E.S.T. Initiative, an organization that utilizes the power of the human touch bringing free massage therapies directly into chemotherapy treatment rooms to help alleviate the fear, anxiety and stress of cancer treatment. Additionally, in the month of October, they will donate to the organization 100% of proceeds from the sale of every Japanese Peony Petal Topped Candle purchased at the NYC Red Flower store.

Retail Detail:

You may not expect the place where you buy your Fall sweaters and skirts to have décor for your home, but keeping with their introduction of fragrances via their scrumptious colognes and perfumes, Banana Republic now offers candles to boot. Of the six scents they offer, encased in subtle frosted glass holders, we love the Chilled Sangria, our choice for a cocktail party, (or a great gift for a dinner party host) the wax omits a flavor of smells from red currant to rhubarb to fire musk.

Good for the Earth:

Nothing like burning a candle that’s good for the environment, and thanks to Soybeam Scents, who’s complete line is environmentally friendly, you don’t have to think twice about it. Their candles are made from sustainable plant ingredients such as organic and wild-crafted essential oils, GMO free soy wax, and pure cotton wicks, poured into reclaimed and reusable glass tumblers. Fire up one of their lavender & geranium candles during a relaxing soak in the bath.

Travel Scents:

We love the idea that one candle can take you on a journey to another place and time (whether you are stuck in your room studying for exams or sitting at home waiting for the school bus to drop off your kids), Le Cherche Midi luxury home fragrances try to bring an entire trip into one little flick of a wick. From their 05 which smells like an English garden party (fresh cut lawn, crisp white linens and pine), to 09 which is like a tour around  an exotic Middle Eastern spot (jasmine, soft amber, Patchouli) to our absolute favorite, 21, which smells like a trip to a far off family land where grandma’s bake tarts (ok, that’s Brooklyn, NY for me and it’s honey cake and apple sauce but you get the point) with hints of grapefruit, cardamom, cinnamon and leather.

Halloween Approaching:

No need to spend those messy hours carving out a pumpkin just to stick a plain candle inside and perch it on your doorstep when it takes less than 30 seconds to take this Slatkin & Co. pumpkin-scented and pumpkin-resembling decorative candle out of the box and a quick  swipe of a match to get the thing going!

Girly Scents:

Pastel track suits and beachy halter dresses don’t necessarily bring candles to mind, but Juicy Couture is cornering the market on all things light, airy, and well, girly. Not only do we love the fresh scent of their regal-looking fruity and floral scented (think passion fruit mingled with melon, marigold, apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, wild rose, and princess lily, wrapped with tuberose and just a hint of vanilla créme brulee, along with precious wood and patchouli!) candle, we covet the silver snuffer that it comes with so you can put the flame out in true, feminine style.

Recipe for Perfection:

Invite friends over for brunch, run to the nearest bakery, buy some delicious cupcakes, light up a Jaqua Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Luxury Candle and voila! your house smells like you baked the goods yourself, and you can sit back and accept the compliments one by one!










Pretty in Pink, encased in a glass holder, Glowology’s  Love Light Candle, subtly scented with their signature honey sugar fragrance, gives off a soft glow and delicious scent that add instant ambience to any room. The company will donate 50% of proceeds from the October sale of Love Light Candles to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

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