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Volver is a beautifully directed, visually stunning film starring Penélope Cruz as Raimunda, a voluptuous beauty who exudes a saucy, hypnotic vibe. The film's title, which means "to return" in Spanish, refers to Raimunda's deceased mother, who some suspect has returned from the dead.

Get ready to embrace your femininity if you want to employ Raimunda's ravishing look and make it your own. The film makes smart use of vibrant hues, and they're a key part of Raimunda's wardrobe. Kick things up a notch with a Sophia Loren–inspired hairdo, which will turn heads and draw attention to your outfit.

A knee–length skirt and a plunging neckline are everyday essentials for Raimunda who, even in the face of adversity, looks nothing short of glamorous. Try this form–fitting DVF Aldara Jersey Faux Wrap Dress ($325), which will hug your curves and is nearly identical to Raimunda's own figure–enhancing black frock. Ankle–strap wedges, like these comfortable MIA Alafts ($57), are the perfect finishing touch.

Snug cardigans are commonplace elements of Raimunda's wardrobe. One like Rampage's ¾ Sleeve Button Down V–Neck Cardigan ($39) is the perfect topper for a sexy, low–cut top. Team it with this delicious D&G Dolce and Gabbana Pencil Skirt ($325) and the brand's sharp Patent Leather Peep–Toe Pumps ($395). Follow Raimunda's sense of style and the world will be shouting "olé!"


By Tanya Sharma