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Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively & Katie Holmes Flirt with Fall’s Menswear Trend

By Erin Donnelly
October 13, 2008

Katherine Hepburn did it. So did Annie Hall. And who could forget those ‘80s-eras power suits with shoulder pads worthy of a linebacker? Now its celebrity “it” girls like Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, and Rachel Bilson who are stepping out in menswear-influenced fashions, one of this season’s hottest trends. Read on to check out their interpretations of this not-just-for-boys look.

Rachel Bilson

Juggling a new career as a budding fashion designer, Rachel Bilson has taken to wearing lots of different hats – metaphorically. Judging by this photo, she’s also taken to wearing lots of different hats, literally. With her jaunty Chaplin-esque chapeau, black blazer, and tie, Rachel’s clearly a fan of the masculine look, though her silver bracelet does offer a feminine counterpart. To soften the look even more, we recommend losing the tie and swapping the blouse for a white tank.

(Photo from

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively’s too-cool-for-boarding-school ensemble has a hip rebel rock twist, thanks to a cool Edun feather-print tank and flashy black sequined trim on her white tuxedo-style blazer. Though the jacket points to a definite menswear influence, the sequins and tank (not to mention Blake’s long, loose blonde locks) keep it from feeling too boy’s club.

(Photo from

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has already taken to wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans and cardigans of late, so it’s no surprise that she’s found an affinity for this Y-chromosome trend. Her black blazer, white blouse, and cuffed black shorts feel boyish, but black tights and heels provide a feminine balance. A chunky layered necklace or colorful clutch would also help add a girlish touch.

(Photo from

Make the look your own with a sharply tailored blazer. We like Forever 21’s Tera LS Blazer, with its asymmetrical lapel, and Twenty8Twelve’s concrete-gray cropped Tim Blazer.

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